Ultimate Art Studio

I am currently in the process of renovating and have decided to create a bigger better art studio space for myself. It is only in the early stages but hopefully once it is completed it will give me everything I need to create some really great work.
So far I have been getting the room ready for painting and creating a plan for what equipment and furniture will work best in this space. I really want this room to be functional, with all my paints, brushes and tools within easy reach. I also want more order, so organization will be a priority as well as having a little more room to move. My current art studio is half the size so for a while now I’ve been working in really cramped conditions.
Another key to a great art space is lighting. I have been looking at ways to get the most out of the rooms natural light, but I am also planning to get better lights put in also. I have also read that art studio walls are best painted in white or a neutral colour. This is because of the way that reflected light from the walls can affect the appearance of colour when you are working on a piece. This works for me anyway as it means it will be painted in the same colour scheme that has been used throughout the house.
I also find that having a couch or sofa in my art space is really handy so I have included this in my plan. In my original art room I would often sit on the couch and either analyze my work or write notes. Sometimes when I was too tired to do any painting I would just sit and listen to music and think about ideas or have a cup of coffee.
Anyway the new studio is really inspiring and I am so excited to complete it so I can get in there and paint!

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