Vacant Spaces Series


My art is always about the expression of emotions and feelings. I do this through the use of colour combinations and paint application. In my recent work I have been exploring the importance of the vacant spaces on the canvas as a means of expression. These areas of boldĀ  background colour tell as much of the emotional story in my work as the more heavily painted areas do.

It is this contrast between controlled splatters and vacant spaces that really sets the emotional tone of the work. The placement of these vacant spaces within the canvas helps to tell the story of the paints journey across the canvas which in turn tells the story of my experience and emotions at that time.

Colour is also highly important in my artwork and I often used bold, bright and vibrant colour. I feel that combinations of colours are integral to expressing moods and emotions more so than each colours role on its own.

Paint application also helps me to express the feeling I am trying to convey in each piece. I use a series of controlled paint application techniques to give the effect required to complete the story. In some of my work the paint is thrown onto the canvas thick and heavy while at other times the paint is flicked onto the surface to create delicate flecks. These application methods will vary from canvas to canvas, but will often be found together in one piece where there may be conflicting emotions that I have experienced during the creative process. These effects are achieved by mixing acrylic paint with a satin medium at varying consistencies depending on the desired effect. When working on a piece I usually work quite quickly as this allows me to go with my instincts and create from a place of pure emotion within that present moment.

In my experience art is a therapeutic experience, not just for the artist but also for the viewer. It is a way to express something that is deep within the soul but it is also something to be felt and reflected upon. The way that colours, spaces and paint effects play together and against each other can stir up different feelings in different individuals. The experience of a piece may differ between the artist who created it and someone who views it for the first time.

My art is all about the expression of emotional experiences and creating a stirring of emotion in others. It is about sharing an experience as well as giving someone else their own experience when viewing my work.

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