About Neeni

I have been passionate about art my entire life. From the moment I picked up a crayon and scribbled all over my Dad’s freshly wallpapered wall, I was already in love with mark making. As a youngster in primary school I adored our rustic old art room, art was my favourite class and I would always throw myself into every project. My love of creating continued through high school and I was often asked to design party invitations for my friends. Once I reached year 12 I was so passionate about my projects I would often spend my lunch break in our art room with the other budding artists, sharing ideas and honing our skills.
Through these early years my parents were also a great influence in my love of art, quite often they would take my sister and I to art shows and they always supported me in what I wanted to do (even though sometimes I was interested in a less traditional style of art than they were used to)
Since then I have studied both visual art and illustration, however I have found that my greatest education has come from my own exploration of different mediums and techniques and my ongoing interest in building my skills.
Over the years I have had many successes both with awards and sales but I feel my biggest success comes from the wonderful experiences that art has opened up for me and the amazing people I have been fortunate enough to have met along the way.
My artwork always comes from the heart, there is so much of my soul in every piece and I really feel that art has the ability to change and enrich lives.
I am truly enjoying my journey as an artist and can’t wait to see where it takes me next.


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