Violet sunset over cane fields

Abstract Landscape – Violet Sunset Over Cane Fields

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 122cm x 76cm

Price: $1000

This painting was inspired by the road trip I took to Cairns. It really captures the feel of the area, the tropical sky and the cane fields. I have used a dry brush cross hatching technique to create the cloud effect of the sky and a large plastic plastering spatula (one of my favourite tools) to apply the deep purple paint of the cane fields. I love the depth I have achieved in this piece, the beautiful colours in the sky and the texture of the foreground.

This artwork really takes me back to that trip and captures the feel of tropical North Queensland.

There is a gorgeous intensity in this painting, especially in that violet sky. I feel this is my best sky to date and I think I have really honoured the beauty of the area.