Many a destination

Abstract Landscape – Many a Destination

Acrylic on canvas

Size:60.9cm x 50.8cm


The sky and the foreground in this piece were painted first using a dry brush technique and by doing this I have achieved a beautiful blending of colours. The sky is a mix of cobalt and cerulean blues and the bright cadmium orange through the centre has been blended with a combination of two reds. I have used a painting knife to create the trees and by scratching back into the wet paint I get some nice detail and hints of colour.

I chose the title for this painting once it was finished. I had originally painted this as a scene from Central Australia (from the road) however once it was complete I could also see the beaches of Port Douglas, with a stretch of sand, the water lapping at the shore and the palm trees that line the beach. This painting to me is two different landscapes in one and a perfect description of two separate destinations I have visited within Australia. A summary of my travels.