Abstract Landscape – Outback Sunrise

Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 102cm x 102cm

This painting is an example of  the extraordinary results you can get when you have completely let yourself go and allow yourself to be 100% spontaneous and in the moment. I painted this one evening when I had some spare time and a good sized blank canvas. I had no plan and no real idea about what I would do. This painting  just flowed out of me.

There are some beautiful areas of  texture in this piece as well as lovely areas where I have scratched back into the paint with the painting knife. The colour is extremely intense – crimson and vermilion with the silhouette of the trees in Mars Black (which I find works as a less harsh black – perfect for landscapes)

This artwork was created when I managed to tap into something within, where the most pure creativity can be found. The result was fresh, energetic and really gorgeous in it’s simplicity.