‘Muchness!’ – Abstract Painting

Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 76cm x 101cm

Price: $900

I really feel this painting is an example of what happens when an artist puts their heart and soul straight on the canvas. This piece was highly experimental for me and created straight onto the canvas with no process work or forethought.
This painting is an expression of myself and the colours used are found in a lot of my abstract work. Magenta, crimson, scarlet and vermillion are the colours that I feel represent my artistic, romantic soul. In this painting these colours are teamed up with purple and white and subtle hints of warm yellow can also be seen.
Many hours of painting went into this artwork and it was created more from enjoying the experience of painting than any plans for the finished result. It is a real expression of my love of painting.
To create the layered effect in this piece I have painted layers of colour and used a water spray bottle to create runs of water that reveal the colour layers underneath.