Liru walk

Semi Abstract Landscape – Liru Walk

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 51cm x 41cm


This is one of my favourite landscape paintings I have created. I love the way it is balanced as well as the subject matter I have chosen. In 2011 IĀ receivedĀ a Highly Commended in the Royal Melbourne Show for this painting.

The background in this artwork has been painted with a brush, however all the detail was painted using a painting knife, painting one colour at a time, layering one colour over the next, building the picture in layers. I also love the angular shapes in this painting, it is made up of sharp, straight lines which seem to represent the harshness of the outback somehow.

This painting was made after my most recent visit to Central Australia. This was a walk I did by myself early one morning and for the most part did not see another human being (which was awesome for such a touristy location). There was this amazing feeling of peacefulness that I felt. It was just me in the landscape, connecting with the red earth, the sun and the trees.